Treatment Costs

Infertility treatment requires an accurate diagnosis of all the factors that can be playing a part in reducing a couple’s fertility. The investigations needed to make an accurate diagnosis include a complete investigation of both the male and female.

In order to get the right advice on treatment options and costs its imperative to have an initial appointment with one of our Reproductive Medicine Specialists.

The cost of this appointment and most of the tests will be repaid to you, to some degree, by your Medical Aid. Infertility is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit in terms of certain investigations and treatments and will be partially covered by your medical aid.

Once you visit our clinic, you can get an accurate quotation that is specific to you.

If you would like a quotation for specific treatment programs please contact our clinic directly.

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Contact Medfem for full price lists.

Prices valid until end 2023.


Fertility Funding

Medical Aids that help Fund IVF:

Discovery Medical Aid Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit

CAMAF Benefit Brochure

You can also get funding through MEDIFIN

MEDIFIN makes loans available for Fertility treatments.

You can find out more by clicking here…

Or directly apply here.


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