Infertility Stress Test

We all know that infertility is stressful physically and emotionally. To help determine how it may be impacting your emotional life please take the test below.

I am not optimistic that I will fall pregnant soon.
I’m afraid I may never give birth or hold a pregnancy.
I feel very discouraged and sometimes think I am just going through the motions.
I feel like a failure because I’m unable to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy.
I find that I feel sad when a friend or family member tells me that they are pregnant.
I avoid friends and family members who are pregnant or have babies.
I find that I feel sad most of the time.
I don’t feel the support I need from my partner.
I don’t feel the support I need from my family and friends.
I feel like my life is on hold.
I feel like I am being punished.
My sex life is suffering as a result of infertility.
My sleep is disturbed by thoughts related to infertility.
My relationship with my friends is not as good as it was as they do not understand.
I’m having difficulty making decisions regarding our infertility options.
My anxiety levels are higher than they were before infertility.
I’m often hurt by comments like “just relax” that minimise the difficulty of infertility.
I am ashamed to discuss this with friends or family.
If you answered yes to five or more of these questions, infertility may be impacting your emotional life.

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