Get a 25% discount on your initial consultation with IFAASA for Reproductive Health Month

For the third year running, Medfem is supporting IFAASA in building awareness around infertility and that ‘you are not alone in your journey’. Visit the following page to register for a 25% discount on your initial consultation with one of our fertility specialists.

Will Your Fertility Stand The Test Of Time?
Most new parents will tell you that meeting their newborn baby for the first time is nothing short of a miracle. But for some couples, the journey to parenthood is a long and painful road, and for many others, it may never happen.

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Maybe Mom Fertility Products

Maybe MOM® is a company that was established on an experience. Couples that have been through Infertility can truly understand another couples struggle.

We make products that are tried and tested all over the globe. When it takes “longer than expected” to conceive is when you truly understand that you need to take the next step and perhaps take matters into your own hands.

We intend to provide our customers with the latest, most innovative and unique products. Greener concepts in Family Planning, Health and Hygiene. Continuously empowering and encouraging couples to take their next step.

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Infertility can be a result of chronic stress?

Did you know that infertility can be a result of chronic stress?

Medfem delivered the following presentation “Time urgency perfectionism stress and its relationship to infertility’ at the SASREG conference in 2015.

By managing your stress you can improve your fertility. To understand more you can watch the video on

As a result of the above findings, The TUPS Stress Program has been designed to guide sufferers on how to manage and prevent the symptoms and diseases that stress causes. Most importantly The Tups Stress Program teaches you how to manage your stress, which can have a major impact on your fertility, resulting in a greater chance of a positive and healthy pregnancy.

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