Our Pharmacy

Medfem Fertility Clinic Pharmacy is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of individuals with fertility challenges. We specialise in the accurate delivery of medication for infertility and work closely with the doctors at the clinic. It is our specialised focus on fertility treatments that makes us a leading fertility pharmacy – one with the expertise and understanding to meet your needs.

Medfem Pharmacy is dedicated to providing medications that may require special storage and specialised knowledge of the conditions being treated. We are one of very few dedicated fertility pharmacies in South Africa and many of these medications are not immediately available at regular retail pharmacies. We can help you understand and manage side effects that may result from hormonal shifts common during treatment.

Our pharmacy team has worked with patients undergoing fertility treatment since 1992 and we have been privileged to witness thousands of amazing success stories.

Our Promise:

  • A dedicated patient care team
  • Our expert fertility pharmacists will always fill your order in person and are available to answer any of your questions
  • Expert assistance to ensure you are comfortable with your medication schedule
  • Open six days a week (Mon – Thursday: 7am to 5pm, Friday: 7am-2.30pm and Sat: 7am to 9am)

Our current pharmacists are:

Alida Venter: Alida has been with Medfem Pharmacy since November 1991. Alida qualified as a pharmacist from PU vir CHO at the end of 1988.

Val Rowles: Val has worked at Medfem Pharmacy since 1997. Val qualified at Rhodes University in 1979.

Trish Howitt: Trish has been at Medfem Pharmacy since 2000. Trish qualified as a pharmacist from university of Witwatersrand in 1996.

Sonelle Basson: Sonelle has been with Medfem Pharmacy since 2009. Sonelle qualified as a pharmacist from PU vir CHO at the end of 1988 and has practised as a pharmacist in several divisions of pharmacy.

Mareina Basson: Mareina has been at Medfem since October 2013. Mareina qualified as a pharmacist from University of Northwest in 2004.

Thank you for your interest in our pharmacy and we wish you good luck. If you have questions regarding our services, please contact us at +27 (11) 463 6842

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