Initial Consultation

In our experience at Medfem Fertility Clinic, most of our patients have already been through a great deal by the time they see us. We understand and care, which is why you can expect highly competent and compassionate care from everyone at Medfem. Whether you are trying to conceive now or wish to preserve your fertility for another day, we can help. Your first step is to talk to one of our fertility specialists.

During your first appointment, you and your partner will spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour with one of our fertility specialists. Your first visit is dedicated to an extensive review of your medical history, a comprehensive infertility works up and in-depth explanations and answers to all your questions. Reaching a diagnosis is paramount to subsequent success, and as such this consultation is a very important first step in your treatment. It is necessary to determine whether the infertility is of male or female cause and of what duration. It will be important for your specialist to know such aspects as how long you have been trying to conceive, your cycle regularity, fluctuations in weight, previous abdominal surgeries, or a history of hereditary disease. At this consultation you can expect your specialist to:

  • Take a detailed history
  • Review any previous tests you may have had
  • Do a physical exam
  • Examine a broad range of fertility treatment options with you so we can develop a personalised fertility treatment plan that fits you best
  • Conduct female blood tests
  • Answer any questions or concerns that you may have
  • Order additional testing

The evaluation of a couple encompasses the following:

  • Evaluation of ovulation and hormonal assessment of egg quality: This is conducted by a blood test which allows us to maximise a woman’s ovulation and the quality of eggs involved with fertility treatments.
  • Sperm quality and detailed assessment of all sperm parameters: This includes the sperm concentration, motility, forward progression, morphology (shape), and the absence or presence of anti-sperm antibodies. If this analysis has not been done in the past year you will need to arrange to have it done. You can arrange to have this done at the closest Ampath laboratory to you or book an appointment at the Medfem Fertility Clinic on +27 (11) 463 2244 Ext 140.
  • Evaluation of uterine health: This evaluation is made to allow for successful implantation of an embryo and continued growth and delivery of a healthy baby. Pelvic ultrasounds are a routine part of the quality care rendered at Medfem Fertility Clinic and, when combined with other diagnostic procedures, provide insight into optimal embryo implantation and pregnancy.
  • Blood tests will be necessary to measure hormone levels: FSH, for example, will provide an indication of ovarian function, while the measurement of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) will provide an evaluation of ovarian reserve. These blood tests may need to be run at a certain time during your cycle and may necessitate you attending the clinic on another day.

Initial Registration Forms

Before you meet with a consultant, you must complete our new patient forms. Please follow the instructions on the Welcome Pack Form and ensure you gather all of this information prior to your initial consultation. You also need to complete the Cover Sheet document.

You may fax these documents to us on +27 (11) 463 1875, email to, or bring along with you on the day of your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked during the initial consultation. While this list is not exhaustive it will help you to prepare for and understand what your first appointment might entail.

What can I do to prepare for the initial consultation?

Please gather any previous relevant records and lab results and have them available for your specialist to review. Write down all the questions you have – you may feel overwhelmed during your appointment for forget what it was you wanted to ask. Also write down your medical history, or family medical history if applicable, for example if you have had treatment for endometriosis or there is a history of endometriosis in your family. You will also need to bring a completed copy of our New Patient Questionnaire along to the consultation.

Should my partner also attend the initial consultation?

Yes, if possible. Firstly, your partner may need a sperm assessment as well as an evaluation of his medical and reproductive history. Secondly having your partner at the initial consultation will give him the opportunity to ask the specialist any questions that may arise for him. Lastly you will appreciate the support of having your partner with you. A diagnosis of infertility is hard to cope with and we encourage you to actively support one another throughout this process.

Will my medical aid insurance cover the cost of the initial consultation?

Most medical aids in South Africa do not cover the cost of the initial appointment. Many will deduct the costs for out of hospital claims from your medical savings account. For further details on what your medical aid will cover please visit

How much will possible treatments cost?

Please visit the information section of our website to review the latest costs for procedures.

How long will it take to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan?

The answer to this varies from patient to patient. A diagnosis may be relatively easy to make or may require investigative procedures. Once a diagnosis is made, we endeavour to develop and proceed with a treatment plan as quickly as you are comfortable with.

How long will it be from when we are diagnosed to when we can begin treatment?

As mentioned above, once a diagnosis is made, we endeavour to develop and proceed with a treatment plan as quickly as you are comfortable with. In most cases we can complete the evaluation and start treatment in one to two cycles.

What are your success rates?

For information on our current and historical success rates for IVF, please see our success rates page. Your specialist can give you an estimate of what you can expect from other treatments based on your clinical situation.

If the problem is related to male factor does my partner need to attend?

Yes, as the treatment for most serious male fertility problems involves the female in the form of IVF or ICSI. It will also be necessary to examine the female partner to ensure that there are no existing female issues that may be uncovered at a later stage once the first attempts at treatment have proven to be unsuccessful.

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation you may call us at +27 (11) 463 2244

Fertility treatment and care at Medfem Fertility Clinic is conducted in a state-of-the-art facility where all aspects of your treatment can be attended to. Our cohesive environment provides the highest quality of care and superior success rates.

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