OR Tambo International Airport is the hub of South Africa’s international and domestic air travel. Lanseria, Rand, Grand Central and Wonderboom are smaller airports within Gauteng that are growing in popularity for local and some international flights. South African Airways (SAA) is the national carrier.

South Africa has a developed road infrastructure and routes are generally well sign-posted. South Africans drive on the left side of the road. Drivers must have an international driver’s licence and a minimum of five years’ driving experience to hire a car in South Africa.

Public transport systems in Gauteng are established in the form of the Gautrain, bus services, trains and taxis, but these are not always formalised, as in the case of minibus taxi transport. Most tourists use private taxis and tour companies that are known to be safe, reasonable and reliable. Transport can generally be arranged through your hotel or guest house.

There are many reliable car rental companies in Johannesburg, and most have pick-up and drop-off facilities at Oliver Tambo International Airport. O.R. Tambo is approximately 39kms from Medfem Fertility Clinic and can be easily navigated using satellite technology.

The Gautrain connects O.R. Tambo to Sandton with a twelve minute rapid train ride. A number of car rental companies service the Sandton district and can facilitate pick-up and drop-off at the Sandton Gautrain station.

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