We battled for a very long time to get pregnant. We tried AI (artificial insemination) which didn’t work. After a series of tests and a laparoscopy, it was discovered that I had PCOS, level 3 endometriosis; I didn’t ovulate or grow proper sized eggs. My body also wasn’t a good environment for sperm to survive nor was my uterus lining thick enough for an implantation to take place. I felt like a walking contraceptive.

It was devastating to hear that my body wasn’t a safe place to grow a baby and that the one thing that a woman was put on earth to do, I couldn’t do. It was the worst feeling to know that I couldn’t give my husband the family he so wanted.

Then my boss suggested we visit Medfem Clinic. I did a bit of reading on the website and booked my appointment with Dr Clark early in June 2013. After an examination and some blood tests, Dr Clark discussed my options with me. We went onto a fertility pill and it was unsuccessful, so he recommended we try a week of FSH injections to help my eggs grow. 

It turned out that it sent my eggs into over drive and I produced 10 beautiful eggs on each ovary. 20 eggs! I had two options, either to abandon and try naturally the following month or do IVF.

We opted for IVF and we were pregnant in August, with TWINS! Just two months with Dr Clark and our long hard road had come to an end. We now have 2 beautiful healthy babies and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Medfem, thank you Dr Clark 

Jace – 2014

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