Precious Little Mouse

Our precious little Easter mouse learning to walk on Easter Sunday morning. We will always be grateful to the entire team at Medfem Fertility Clinicfor their support and assistance, in particular Dr Rodrigues, Sisters Heather, Hanlie and Krina, and Mandy. Without you our dream of becoming parents would never have been realised.
Angela Kelleher (2015)

Thanks to Dr Rodrigues and the entire team at Medfem, my little girl has just turned two. Without you this would only ever have been a dream.
We had a beautiful Easter, and Saoirse collected an entire bucket of Easter goodies.
So grateful to everyone at Medfem!
Angela (2016)

Holiday celebrations have taken on a whole new meaning since the arrival of our baby girl. Halloween was celebrated in a little bunny outfit and her first ever swim. Thank you Medfem!

Angela Kelleher (2014)

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