Patient Support

At Medfem Fertility Clinic, we care about our patients’ physical and emotional well-being.  Our mission is to provide our clients with state-of-the-art fertility treatment, in a caring and comfortable environment where you the patient are our first priority. We have one goal: to help you build a healthy family. A diagnosis of infertility can feel overwhelming and stressful for individuals and couples who always assumed that pregnancy would come easily. However, our team goes above and beyond your expectations to offer you total care for your body and mind, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while in our care.

Medfem provides individualised and compassionate care to deliver the highest level of fertility treatments with the maximum possible success rates. In our 30 years of practice, we have assisted in over 16 000 successful pregnancies, all delivered in a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment.
Our extensive support system includes a devoted patient care team, experienced clinical coordinators, embryologists, and an in-house fertility psychologist who has long specialised in fertility and third-party parenting issues. Not only do clients have a primary care giver but Medfem Fertility Clinic is a holistic environment where cases are discussed and reviewed by the entire team on a weekly basis. Our team of over 56 staff members are always there backing our clients’ journey to conception, while making sure you are as comfortable and at ease as possible during the time you spend with us.

As a trusted partner with a strong delivery track record, we keep YOU at the centre of our care.

Patient education and Support

The various dynamics involved in fertility treatment require attention to detail. Our patient care team will always be by your side to help you manage this aspect of care. Our dedicated nurses work with each patient to understand their treatment course and help to manage the medication and administration schedules. You will receive injection training from our nurses to ensure you are comfortable with the process before leaving the clinic. You can always expect to hear directly from one of our nursing staff when your lab results arrive, as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Your fertility specialist is also always available to speak with you by phone or in person to discuss lab results, your treatment plan, or other matters that may be of concern to you.

We also have a specialised nursing coordinator dedicated to caring for those undergoing treatment with the assistance of an egg donor. This is to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible for you and the egg donor.

Our doctors stay with their patient throughout their treatment plan. The patient-doctor relationship is central to our success at Medfem Fertility Clinic. We value the trust and confidence that develops over time between doctor and patient, and we understand the need for consistency. Our scheduling process allows each patient’s doctor to be available to them for consultations and procedure appointments.

Our staff’s extensive experience and careful attention to detail is very reassuring to patients trying to learn about and prepare for infertility treatments.
You can learn more about our exceptional support staff and read personal profiles in the Who We Are section of our website.

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