After 5 years of trying to have a baby and 2 miscarriages someone suggested that we consult a doctor at Medfem.  Both my husband and I were sent for tests before a doctor would even see us which was comforting as my previous gynae of 5 years had not once asked to see my husband.  Dr Rodrigues looked at every “natural” way of solving our problem before even talking to us about assisting with fertility treatment.  

After 2 years of correcting hormones and removing endometriosis we decided to try Artificial Insemination. The first 2 attempts were unsuccessful and we were third time lucky!  After 7 years of tears and prayers and broken hearts and dreams, Dr Rodrigues confirmed that we were pregnant.  The staff at Medfem were amazing throughout the process and Dr Rodrigues and the team ensured that I was taking the right medication and doing everything necessary for the pregnancy to hold.  I went through the entire team of Doctors for emergency visits in the first 3 months and they all willingly came out on weekends to help me. Today, I am the proud mum of a happy, healthy baby and I could never have fulfilled this dream without the help of Medfem Clinic.  Infertility is a long, lonely road but with an amazing team at Medfem we were not only able to cope but we were able to realise our life’s dream.  The support and encouragement we received was overwhelming.  Thank you Dr Rodrigues and Team

Anonymous – 2014

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