Our Very Own Clark

April 2016
Hi guys!!
Hope everyone is well at the Medfem Clinic!!!
Here is a quick update on our case: Baby Clark Cloete Nielson was born on 16 September 2015 at 10:15, weighing 3,38kg, at Wilgeheuwel Hospital.
We cannot thank Dr Clark and our Medfem Family enough for all the help, whether it be medically or emotionally, to start our own little family!! Our appreciation for your support, professionalism and personal touch to every visit and check up goes beyond what anyone can express in words!!!  

You will notice that we have named our boy after the amazing Dr that assisted us through this whole process! Dr Clark, you are without a doubt a man with a magic touch!! We were very upset the day we had to return to our gynae at Wilgeheuwel after our last 12 week check up with you.
I still vividly remember the day that Sr Hanlie told us when the test result was positive!! I cannot believe that time flew by so very quickly!!
We are so in love with our little boy, he is perfect in every way!! We will definitely return by the end of next year to plan our next little bundle!
The miracle that is God made, you help others have when they cannot conceive on their own, must be the most fulfilling and joyful thing to do!!! And you get to do it every day!!!!
From the deepest part of our hearts we thank you!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will visit soon to show off our Medfem Star!!
Kind Regards
Jaqui and Sheldon Nielson

July 2015
So we went for our check up on Friday – Low and behold the little chap didn’t want to show his face!! ;-(
On 29 weeks baby boy is weighing in at 1.2kgs and have BIG feet at 5.65cm in length!! I must be giving birth to a giant!!
Health wise everything is on track, and the gynae is very happy with the progress!
She said that we are looking at at least another 10 weeks until birth. But I have a feeling our boy is coming a wee bit earlier than that.
I am sorry about the scans that didn’t come out nice this time around too. I will try my best to persuade the little boy to turn and face the camera the next time we go for our check ups! Which is in two weeks!
Will keep you posted!
Have a great week!

June 2015
Good Morning Medfem Team
I remember our first visit to the clinic… We didn’t know what to expect… We were just so very nervous, that I think half the info we got on the first day, just went in one ear and out the next…
This road with you has been the most exhilarating I have EVER experienced!!!!!!!!!!! This update is looooong overdue!!
Best part is… We are still growing!!! Baby and I!!
I have attached a scanned picture for you, to see what our little miracle looks like by now. Only, this was taken about 6 weeks ago! We are now on 26 weeks!! Can’t believe how quickly time goes by!!
So to bring you up to speed:
– Baby is very healthy, with all organs intact. Heart is beating strong! Bloods taken (a while ago) show that everything is all good!!
– Baby is going to be a…………. BOY!!!! And he is not shy to show off!!!
– The proposed Due date is around the 28th September, which doc said he might come early if he doesn’t stop growing!! Our last scan on 24 weeks, said he weighed 800g already, and there is little space for his long legs at this point.  
– He thinks mom is a ball of some sort, and he likes doing acrobatics!!

So all and all, we are GREAT!! Better than great, really!!!

Dr Clark, you are amazing!!!! And Not a day goes by without us thinking about you and your team at the clinic!!!! We miss your  expert advice, your calmness, your professionalism, every day, as much as I knew we would since our last visit at the clinic. You, The receptionist, IVF sisters, accounts ladies and clinic staff are now all part of the family!!!!! 

For now, until little baby Nielson joins us in this big world (and probably long after that), we can not thank you enough!!! There is no better place than Dr Clark and the Medfem family!! We have to add a little something… We have decided to name baby, Clark Cloete Nielson! We could not think of a better name for our child, than to carry this name with us forever!!

We are very excited for what lies ahead, and we will keep you posted on developments from our side as we go along.

Ciao for now…

Jaqui Nielson

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