Our Perfect Little Medfem Miracle Baby

Our perfect little Medfem miracle baby, Mackenzie Sidhe Nicholls, 7 weeks old already. Thank you to the team and Dr van Schouwenburg for helping us make our dream a reality, we are eternally grateful xxx
Baby Nicholls

We wanted a little miracle of our own more than anything for the longest time, but thought it was an absolute impossibility…then we went to Dr Van Schouwenburg and the Medfem team and they changed our lives forever! After a sometimes emotionally draining journey that most people won’t understand, ups and downs and what seemed like forever… we are now 6 months pregnant and eternally grateful to Dr Van Schouwenburg and the team for our little miracle! Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream a reality xxx

Taryn Finlayson Nicholls‎ (2015)

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