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The word “medicine” technically refers to the art and science of healing, but in layman’s terms, it is also applied to substances used for medicinal treatment, such as pharmaceuticals, medications and supplements taken for health reasons.

There is an extensive range of medicines available today to treat almost any medical condition thanks to scientific and medical progress over the last decades. This also encompasses an array of medicines for treating many of the various causes of male and female fertility problems.

If you are looking for medicine to help you get pregnant, you will be pleased to know that there are highly specialised medicines available for fertility challenges.

Taking medicine of any kind entails some risk, and for this reason it is critically important to take only the right medicine for your unique infertility issues, and that the medicine is acquired from fertility expert with specialised knowledge.

Below we take a look at how you can ensure you are taking the right medicine for your fertility challenges and how to get these medicines safely and also provide some guidelines for taking medicines to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks.

What Medicine should I take to get Pregnant?

Because there are so many possible causes of infertility, there is no single miracle medicine that will solve any and all fertility issues.

In fact, around one-third of infertility cases are due to female fertility problems; one-third are due to male fertility problems; and the remaining one-third are due to a combination of male and female factor issues. In addition, there is a long list of common causes of female infertility including abnormal thyroid, anovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, cervical factor, diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, hyperprolactinaemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine factor, stress, and advanced maternal age. Male infertility too may be caused by a range of issues: the sperm, the testes themselves, the ducts from the testes, a functional problem in relation to sexual activity, hormonal issues or even genetic problems.

Given all the possible causes of infertility, there is only one way you can be assured of taking the right medicine for your and your partner’s unique fertility issues: pinpointing the exact cause of your fertility challenges.

This can only be achieved through an initial consultation with a fertility specialist. A 30 – 60 minute initial consultation is the first step in a fertility treatment plan that will determine the specific medicines and treatments you may require.

During your initial consultation at Medfem Fertility Clinic, a highly qualified and experienced fertility specialist will:

* review your medical history;
* conduct a comprehensive fertility physical exam and blood tests;
* explain the infertility treatment options, including fertility medicines; and
* provide answers to all your questions.

Only by pinpointing the exact cause of your infertility issues and choosing the best treatment and medicine for your fertility issues, taking into consideration the interaction of fertility medicines with other medicines you may be taking, can you ensure that you will be taking the right medicine to get pregnant.

Fertility Pharmacies

It is strongly suggested that you obtain your fertility medicine from a pharmacy dedicated to and experienced in providing fertility medicines.

These medicines are extremely specialised and may require special storage, as well as expertise in the conditions being treated. For these reasons, many fertility medicines are not readily available at regular retail pharmacies.

At Medfem Fertility Clinic, we are very proud to have one of very few dedicated fertility pharmacies in South Africa. Medfem Fertility Clinic Pharmacy specialises in meeting the individual needs of couples with fertility challenges, focusing on exacting delivery of medicine for infertility and working in close cooperation with the fertility specialists at Medfem Fertility Clinic.

Medfem Fertility Clinic Pharmacy’s team of qualified and experienced pharmacists – including Alida Venter; Val Rowles; Trish Howitt; Sonelle Basson; and Mareina Basson – specialise in fertility medicine to help couples get pregnant. Since 1992, the team has worked with thousands of patients undergoing fertility treatment and has been privileged to see thousands of couples getting pregnant.

Need to get the names from Alida in the pharmacy – 0114632244 ext 139.

Medfem Fertility Clinic Pharmacy’s team of qualified and experienced pharmacists – including Alida Venter; Val Rowles; Trish Howitt; Sonelle Basson; and Mareina Basson – specialise in fertility medicine to help couples get pregnant.

Supplements for Fertility

Medfem Fertility Clinic’s fertility experts recommend the following regarding over-the-counter medicines to assist you in getting pregnant:

* StaminoGro (HGH Releaser and Mitochondrial Enhancer) – both partners to take four tablets at night.

* Comega Vite – both partners to take two at night before going to bed.

Please click here [link to article How to Boost Fertility and your Chances of Getting Pregnant] to read more about these supplements and why they boost fertility in both men and women.

Guidelines for the Safe Use of Medicine

All medicine, including the highly specialised medicines used to treat infertility, may entail some risk. To minimise any potential risk related to using medicine – and also to gain the utmost benefit from the medicine – follow the four guidelines detailed below.

Be open – If you provide your fertility specialist and fertility pharmacists with all the relevant information in an open and honest way, they will be better able to advise you about the right medicine for your particular fertility challenge. Relevant information encompasses full and accurate details of your medical history; allergies and sensitivities you may have; prescription and over-the-counter medicines you take regularly and infrequently; supplements you take such as vitamins; and any information relating to your ability to use the fertility medicine.

Be well-informed – Asking questions such as the ones detailed below will ensure you fully understand the medicine you are taking. If you receive an answer that you don’t really understand, ask again.

* How, when, in what quantity and for how long must you take the medicine?
* If you miss a dose, what should you do?
* Are there any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, supplements, foods or activities that you cannot take with the fertility medicine?
* How long will it be before any effect can be noticed?
* What should you do if you experience adverse reactions or side effects?
* How should you store the medicine?

Follow the Instructions – Follow the instructions on the medicine label to the letter whenever you take medicine of any kind. When you fill your prescription at the pharmacy, read the label before you leave to ensure you have the right medicine and understand how to use it. Every time you take medicine, also read the label, double checking that it’s yours, that it’s the correct medicine and that you are taking it in the correct amount, in the correct way and at the correct time. Follow the recommended dosages exactly as prescribed – using no more or less, and keep taking the medicine until the course is finished.

Provide feedback – Notice if and how you are affected by the medicine. If you experience any side effects, adverse reactions or problems, you should notify your fertility specialist and fertility pharmacist immediately as an adjustment in the dosage or a change in medicine may be needed.

Our team at Medfem Fertility Clinic – from accredited and extensively experienced fertility specialists to specialist pharmacists – are ready to help you pinpoint what fertility medicine or treatments you need to ensure the best chance of getting pregnant.

Simply click here to book an initial consultation or contact us telephonically on +27 (11) 463 2244.

We look forward to meeting you!

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