Knight in Shining Armour

We were blessed with these two miracles after 4 years of trying to conceive. Dr Rodrigues was our Knight in shining armour. When I had lost all hope he kept me focussed and positive which kept me going. When I was sure pregnancy was an impossible dream he assured me it WOULD happen. And he was right. Thanks to Medfem I was blessed with my twins in July 2012. They have made my life complete. And worth living. And I thank Medfem and Dr Rod for getting us there!!! I am forever grateful xxx

Cathy Nel‎ (2015)

We bought that Zambuk shirt after our first appointment with Dr Rod at Medfem. Daddy always has zambuk and we thought it appropriate. We had to jump through hoops and keep faith when the road seemed dark. All we hoped was for one miracle. One to wear that shirt. We never imagined a blessing of twins!!! We kept the faith and got up after being knocked down. And finally got our prayers answered. Double!! Keep the faith and never give up hope. Dreams do come true!! Dr Rod had a hand in bringing 8 children into our family collectively!! I cannot recommend him high enough. Thank you for what you do!!!


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