If you require medication injections as part of your treatment, our nursing staff will teach you how to self administer, or teach your partner how to administer to you. 

Hints and Tips for Subcutaneous Injections 

  1. You may have some sort of site reactions at the beginning of starting injectable medication. Reactions do not reduce the efficacy of the medication but it is important the doctor knows about any reaction you may experience as he may need to add extra medication.
  2. Common reactions may include bruising, soreness, redness and itching. Some allergic reactions may also occur such as hives and may require treatment or a change in your medication. If you experience severe reactions such as shortness of breath and it is after business hours, please contact the doctor on the emergency cell number: 083 396 1693.
  3. Stimulation injections are administered subcutaneously and should be injected before 12:00 every day. If given at a specific time the previous day it is not necessary to inject again exactly 24 hours later – this increases stress which is counterproductive in these treatments.
  4. Before you start; wash your hands with soap.
  5. Use 27 – 30 gauge 1/2″ needles for injection of Gonal F, Pergoveris and Menopur. Use 1cc of dilutent (sterile water) to mix powder medication using the big 18 Gauge needle. 1cc of dilutent (sterile water) can be used to mix up to 3 vials of medication. The total amount injected should not exceed 2 ml if you have to mix 4 powders.
  6. If injecting into the abdomen, go an inch below and to the left or right of the navel. You can alternate using the left side and the right side of the abdomen each day to prevent soreness but it is also fine to use just one side if you prefer.
  7. Allow the alcohol to dry on the skin before injecting.
  8. When using Gonal F pen, be sure to wait 5 seconds after injecting before withdrawing the needle.
  9. Cold compresses or aloe gel can treat local skin reactions.


Instructions for Intramuscular Injections 

  1. Choose a comfortable position such as standing or lying down. If standing, be sure to shift your weight off of the leg that is going to be the injected and lean your weight against a solid surface. Turn your toes inward to help relax the muscles.
  2. Before you start; wash your hands with soap.
  3. Cleanse the injection site with alcohol and allow to air dry.
  4. Spread the skin firmly surrounding the injection site. Draw imaginary lines dividing the buttock into ¼’s.  Intra muscular injections can only be given in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. Hold the syringe like you would a pencil, at a 90 degree angle, about 2 to 3 inches from the skin. Insert the entire needle with a gentle motion.
  5. Release the skin. With one hand, hold the syringe steady while pulling back on the plunger with the other. If blood comes into the syringe, pull the needle out of the injection site, change the needle and find a new site for injection. Repeat step 2 and 3.
  6. If no blood is seen, then slowly inject medication to the count of five. Gently withdraw the needle and apply pressure with gauze pad, cotton ball or Kleenex. Discard syringe with needle into the Sharps container.
  7. For progesterone injections, hold the progesterone in your hand for approximately 10 minutes prior to drawing out medication, this may help to withdraw medicine from the vial easier. Be sure to apply pressure and deep massage on the injection site. This will help the medication become dispersed into the tissues. You may apply heat to the area after placement of the cotton ball or Kleenex.
  8. If you experience local inflammation at the injection site, you may use a heating pad or rub the area with Traumeel gel.
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