17 November 2014

The Medfem Fertility Clinic laboratory is located in the theatre complex and issued with a separate hepa filtered air supply system that ensures aseptic conditions. The flow of the laboratory is well planned for optimal handling of gametes and pre-embryos during all phases of the treatment.  The laboratory is continuously busy to attain the most recent developments in equipment and facilities.

Critical items of equipment, including incubators and frozen embryo storage facilities, are appropriately alarmed and monitored. The embryo laboratory has an automatic emergency generator backup in the event of power failure. The embryo laboratory is equipped with eight bench top incubators using tri-gas and three up standing CO2 incubators.

Expertise and experience of the Embryologists plays an intrinsic part in the quality of the system. The IVF Laboratory is an exceptional place where humans, machines and the environment become a team in troubleshooting and implementing quality management in the IVF Laboratory.

The laboratory is directed by an appropriately qualified and experienced scientist and medical doctor according to national rules. The Embryologists as well as the Fertility Specialists are registered at the HPCSA (Health Professional Council of South Africa).  The IVF Laboratory is accredited by SASREG and takes part in the yearly data publication through SARA.

The embryologists are responsible for the correct and justified application of Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART).  Many efforts have been made by the Directors of the MedFem Clinic to ensure the integrity of the Laboratory by investing in well-educated and experienced personnel. There are appropriate numbers of staff with the required experience to undertake the workload of the laboratory.

Furthermore, continuing education is ascertained by attending conferences, workshops and special interest groups. Hot topics as well as relevant articles from international journals are part of in house discussions. A written protocol is also at hand for all procedures to ensure invariable and traceable techniques. These protocols are continually updated and available to all personnel for technique and treatment references.

Our IVF procedures are meticulous, requiring two embryologists to be present to witness every critical step in the process. Precise measures are taken to assure correct identification of your eggs, sperm and embryos in our laboratory so that you can feel confident that all steps have been taken to avoid mix-ups. Daily quality control checks are done on incubators, fridges hot stages and workstations and all commercial media and consumables are tested before it is used in the lab.

A comprehensive quality assurance program is in place to identify problems that exist in an attempt to improve the entire process.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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