09 April 2015 – By Dawn Blank Co-Founder, Gift Ov Life

The statistics are that 33% of women older than 37 years, who present to a fertility clinic with infertility, will require the use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. Even couples resorting to IVF with their own eggs, at age 40, only have a 27% chance of conceiving and this drops to 6% between ages 40 and 44. The declining success rates relate to the fact that the DNA in a woman’s eggs, develop abnormalities with age.  It is initially emotionally overwhelming to learn you may have to use an egg donor to become parents. It does however also offer “a world of hope restored” that was not available to previous generations.

There are two lessons here, firstly, don’t feel alone. There are hundreds of egg donor IVF babies conceived each year in South Africa. Because most recipients prefer not to share with the world “how” they conceived, the incidence of woman talking about their journey is very low. Often you hear of woman in their late 30’s and 40’s falling pregnant, which creates an expectation that it is the norm. The reality is that it is the exception. Many, many woman make use of a donor as a means to family creation.

Secondly know that there is a very real chance of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby with the assistance of a donor egg, which is the size of this full stop. The success rate, on a first attempt using an egg donor is between 50% and 70%. The success rate on a third attempt is up to 92%. The variation because of other factors involved, like the quality of the sperm, as well as the suitability of the uterus. The truth is however, that once you remove the egg “variable” (the biological clock ticking away!) and replace it with young healthy genetic material, that is able to successfully replicate itself, your changes of carrying a baby well into your 40’s is very high.

As one recipient couple said:
“I just wanted to give you an update, I haven’t emailed earlier as my husband and I have been waiting to reach further down the line and have our 12 week scan before we got back in touch.
We have now reached 14 weeks. As you can imagine it’s an overwhelming time for us both as we are still in shock (in a very happy way….) having waited many years for this. Please could you also pass on again our huge thanks and gratitude to our wonderful donor for making this miracle for us happen, its wonderful people like herself that make dreams possible. We hope all continues well and we will be in touch again later in the future. Many thanks.” Recipient Couple October 2014

A “gift” is defined as “a thing given willingly to someone without expectation.” The hope restored, joy created and life enabled, that these woman give to others as egg donors, is often difficult to comprehend.

Irrespective of the donors personal motive for donating, one can only celebrate these woman for the special human beings that they are.
As one donor wrote (anonymously) to her recipient, who she refers to as “mommy,” she, as the donor, celebrates the intended mother as an inspiration for her own life!

“My heart is filled with love and hope and faith for mommy and she is truly such a special lady because she has been determined and has had the faith in this process. I believe this will be her time and the love and power of God and the faith we have in him and all things around us is what keeps us going. I am a very positive person and I have been amazed at mommy’s kindness and perseverance with her journey. I really would be honoured if she was able to have this baba it will be my greatest reward to help somebody so amazing. It will be my most fulfilling thing I have ever done for another person. As the time grows nearer I feel my anxiety for myself and for mommy and I am praying for her, keeping her in my thoughts and heart. My journey is almost done, and I am looking forward to mommy’s journey now. Have faith and do not allow any doubt or anxiety to creep into your heart. The power of the law of attraction is a powerful thing and together; you and I will double that power by wanting the same thing for you – a sweet angel. Be blessed and stay as amazing as you are. You are a true inspiration to me. Most people I have met in my life give up easily and you truly are an incredible woman!! All my love,X”

Partnering for Fertility with Gift ov life
Founded in 2009 and personally managed by two South African women who both have a personal understanding of the pain of infertility. As a global egg donation agency, based in South Africa, and as founding members of the medical SASREG code of conduct, Gift ov life assists fellow South Africans and international recipients. Our online database of 100’s of quality egg donor angels, ensures no waiting period for a donor of your choice. We have offices and consulting rooms in Johannesburg and Cape Town, managed personally by founders Tami Sussman and Dawn Blank. Known for our professionalism, integrity and high care of recipients and donors alike, the Gift ov life team support you through a seamless egg donation process, in what we hope will be an end to your infertility journey.

Egg Donor Agencies
Medfem Clinic uses a number of SASREG accredited donor egg agencies to recruit donor eggs for our patients:


Once a donor is found they are extensively and professional assessed by Medfem Fertility Clinic. If they are psychological and physically fit to be a donor they are allocated to a recipient for further therapy.

For more information on how the process of egg donation works visit www.medfem.co.za/egg-donor-agencies

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