Egg Donor Agencies

Medfem Clinic uses a number of SASREG accredited donor egg agencies to recruit donor eggs for our patients:

  • The Egg Donor Co

15 School Road
Cnr. Rivonia Road

For more info:

Lucia -071 475 6221

  • GiftovLife

Contact Tami at, +27 21 439 8823 or

  • ababySA

Contact Lara at, +27 79 111 2129 or

  • Nurture

Contact Tertia at –, +27 82 441 8639 or

  • Baby Miracles

Colleen at, +27 83 380 2354 or

  • Baby2Mom

Contact Jenny at, +27 84 465 8353 or

Once a donor is found they are extensively and professional assessed by Medfem Fertility Clinic. If they are psychological and physically fit to be a donor they are allocated to a recipient for further therapy.

How Egg Donation Works

Egg donation offers new hope to women who cannot conceive using their own eggs. Our South African egg donor agencies have a very large pool of racially diverse egg donors. These agencies host a pool of egg donors whom can be viewed electronically allowing you to select a donor that best suits your requirements. Alternatively you may ask the agencies to match you with a suitable donor. You can provide them with your criteria and adult pictures of yourself (if you so choose) to allow them to assist with suitable and potential matches for you.

Once you have found an egg donor that you would like to use, the agency will manage all communication with the potential egg donor. To secure your chosen egg donor you will be required to pay a match and management fee to the selected agency. This fee generally covers the following:

  • Recruitment of egg donors and donor contract facilitation
  • Recipient support during donor selection and recipient contract facilitation
  • Initial agency screening of egg donor and recording of detailed profile details
  • Facilitation of communication between the egg donor, fertility clinic/Dr and recipient
  • Co-ordination of the donor’s medical and psychological assessments
  • Donor travel co-ordination where necessary
  • Ongoing donor support before, during and after the donation cycle

Once your egg donor has been secured the agency will make contact with us to advise that you have selected a donor. They will arrange the necessary appointments for the donor to be seen by one of our fertility specialists for a general check up, including a scan and required blood tests. She will also be assessed by our psychologist to confirm that she is fit to donate for you.

Your doctor and IVF coordinator will discuss your and the donors treatments plans with you and coordinate your cycles to determine the time line for donation and embryo transfer. While your egg donor begins hormone treatment to stimulate egg development, you will commence medication to prepare your womb lining for receipt of the embryo/s. Your doctor will monitor the donor to determine when the donor eggs will be ready for aspiration/retrieval. On the day of egg retrieval your partner will be required to give a sperm sample so the process of fertilisation can commence after retrieval. You will be called the following day and every other day thereafter with an update on how the embryos are growing. Three to five days after fertilisation the embryo/s will be transferred to your womb in a simple, quick and pain free procedure. Additional embryos can be frozen for future use.

Egg donation in South Africa is anonymous and strictly confidential. The egg donor and recipient parents never meet, nor are names or details exchanged. There is no central donor registry available for public view. Egg donation is managed with strict guidelines and protocol procedures contained in the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG).

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