One of the contributing stressors to the process of infertility is how to manage the reaction and support from family and friends who may not know themselves how to approach the topic. Here is some advice to give to family and friends.

Their well-intentioned support sometimes causes more distress than comfort. Some fertility patients choose not to tell anyone of their plight, but may end up feeling isolated and alone. Others are forced to tell family or friends, even employees, out of necessity due to taking time off work or having to miss significant events. Others choose to share their sadness with those closest to them but sometimes find that the support they long for is not forthcoming. This is not from heartless disinterest or a deliberate attempt to make you feel worse, but stems from an inability of what to say or a naivety about the subject or just “saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

The fertility support group recommends sending family and friends the following extract in order to help them understand better.

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