Abortion Spontaneous A pregnancy loss during the first twenty weeks of gestation Abortion threatened Spotting or bleeding that occurs early in the pregnancy. May progress to spontaneous abortion. Acrosome Organelle/ vesicle that contains Enzymes in the head of the sperm that allow the sperm to penetrate through the zona pellucida of the egg and undertake […]

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A diagnosis of infertility can be devastating, one that you never expected to hear. However at Medfem Fertility Clinic we believe that knowledge is power, and so we have done our best to collect as much information as possible to help you.

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Risks of IVF

As with all medical procedures IVF treatment does carry certain risks. Anyone taking medication for any reason should be aware of the possible side effects and should report adverse effects to those managing their treatment. However, it is also important to appreciate that most women go through IVF without serious problems.  Multiple Pregnancies One of

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Recommended Supplements

Recommended Supplements StaminoGro (HGH Releaser and Mitochondrial Enhancer) – take four tablets at night (male and female) Comega Vite – take two at night before going to bed (male and female)

 STAMINOGRO StaminoGro is an exciting 5-in-l combination supplement, containing amino acids, anti-oxidants, B-complex vitamins, calcium and vitamin D as well as other essential vitamins

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Prospective Surrogate Carriers – Help Create a Miracle for a Family!

We know firsthand how the gift of surrogacy changes the lives of childless heterosexual and gay intended parents. And being a surrogate will give you an incredible sense of self-fulfillment from giving the greatest gift humanly possible to another family.  Over the last few years, surrogacy has become more mainstream, with stars like Elton John,

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Pregnancy Information

Congratulations on your positive pregnancy test.  We hope this is the beginning of a lovely journey, but we also understand that it could leave you with new fears.  Please feel free to discuss any questions with us. With this information we strive to enhance your pregnancy experience by highlighting some important factors and general guidelines.

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