Baby Meldrum

Hi Dr Clark,

Jerusha and I would like to welcome you to our new baby boy, Mika David Meldrum. He was born just before 12:00pm on the 4th of November and weighed in at 2.79kg. Mum and baby are both healthy and well.

We are both so grateful for what you have done for us and will bring him in to see you soon.

Best Regards,
Dave and Jerusha (2017)

Hi Dr Clark,
Apologies for the late email, just thought I would give you an update on our pregnancy.
The pregnancy has been good so far. Dave and I are expecting a baby boy and I am at my 33rd week now with baby weighing 2kg’s last week. My C/S has been booked for the 4th of November so we don’t have far to go now.
He seems to be a healthy boy as he is very active all the time.
Dave and I have not yet had an opportunity to personally thank you and the team at Medfem but we will come by when baby is born.



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