Baby Hoff

Hi Medfem – this is baby Hoffman, I haven’t uploaded a photo of her for a while now and was just looking at her and my heart filled with gratitude for all that you as a clinic do.
Emily Scarlett is now 18 months old and what a blessing she has been. Thank you doesn’t seem enough when it comes to how grateful we are to you. Can’t wait to meet again for Baby Hoff #2.
May 2016 be a great year for you and all the families you help.
Lots of love
Monique, Kelly and Emily (2016)


Thank you to everyone at Medfem… We will never truly be able to articulate our gratitude!!! Emily Scarlett Hoffman turns 9 months this Saturday, and the journey thus far has been amazing – we look forward to a lifetime! Thank you again xx

Kelly Mare’e Hoffman (2015)


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