Alma Janse van Rensburg

Head of Endocrinology / Andrology

Margaretha Janse van Rensburg completed Clinical Technologist and Biochemistry Diploma at Tygerberg Hospital Medical School in 1982. During this time, she worked in the isotope department of the Endocrinology Laboratory and was part of the team that participated in projects with the IVF lab of Tygerberg Hospital.

In 1983, Alma relocated to Gauteng and was appointed head of the Endocrinology Laboratory of Dr Du Buisson. In 1984 she held the position of Head Medical Technologist of the Isotopes Department at Dr Van Drimmelen and Partners and later took up the position of Head Technologist of Endocrinology Laboratory. Alma joined the Medfem team in 1995 and played a major role in establishing a routine endocrinology department with state-of-the-art equipment. She was also responsible for the microbiology department (Microbiology was discontinued in 2007). During this time, she completed a course in Andrology at the Tygerberg Hospital. Among her many duties, Alma is also responsible for the semen preparations for Artificial Inseminations and routine Andrology. Alma has a passion for her work and patients and is keen to assist anybody with questions regarding the above-mentioned tests.

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