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At Medfem we believe in helping you reach your family dream through:

.: World-Class Fertility for Everyone – we believe in making world-class fertility treatments available for everyone

.: A Positive Fertility Journey – It is our joy and commitment to give you a positive outcome to your fertility journey

.: Delivered With Empathy & Caring – So you may have a fond memory, of a feeling of empathy, caring and being part of the Medfem family

.: RI Witness system – Medfem has over the past 13 years been using the RI Witness system. The system helps to mitigate the risk of human error every time samples are moved from one dish or tube to another, and safeguards every step of the IVF cycle. Ensuring a higher success rate in our IVF treatments. We are the only clinic in Africa using this electronic witness system.

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Our Reproductive Specialists

Dr Antonio Rodrigues

Reproductive Medicine Specialist /
Director Medfem Fertility Clinic

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Dr Nicholas Clark

Reproductive Medicine Specialist /
Director Medfem Fertility Clinic

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Our Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mandy Rodrigues

Our Clinical Psychologist Assists Our Patients in Dealing with the Anxiety Caused by Infertility

To book an appointment with Many Rodrigues, call +27 (11) 463 2244.


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